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Fort Myers, FL - \"Untitled\" a group show hosted by HOWL Gallery and curated by gallery co-owner Andy Howl opens June 7th and features over 30 of the best national and local artists. The massive \"untitled\" art show is one of the largest group exhibits HOWL has shown at there new space on Cleveland Ave. The show features nationally renowned artists the gallery represents, such as Derek Hess, Skot Olsen, BASK, Seldon Hunt and Pooch, along with a hand picked, best of the best, group of local artists.

Gallery co-owner Andy Howl curated the show and expects it to be one of the best area group shows of the year, \"mixing established local talent with well known national artists helps expose art collectors too a wider range of like minded talent\". \"The artists we represent at HOWL are both emerging and established, but all have a very specific vision and a maturity that is visible in their entire body of work.\" Andy also added, \"If you have never been to a HOWL show in the new location, this is the one to see.\"

National talent in the show includes Derek Hess, his concert poster art is featured in the permanent collection\'s of both the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and The Louvre Museum in Paris. Painters Skot Olsen, BASK and Pooch are all exhibited at prominent galleries such as CaproNason in Los Angeles and Roq La Rue in Seattle. BASK\'s large pop art and grafitti themed paintings were most recently featured in Iron Man 3 and later purchased by actor Robert Downey Jr for his personal collection. Illustratos Seldon Hunt, Shaun Beaudry, and Dylan Garrett Smith all feature dark, detailed and surreal imagery that graces album covers and t-shirts for well known bands such as ISIS, Neurosis and Monster Magnet, among others.

Local talent featured in the exhbit includes Stephen Hayford, whose meticulous action figure diorama photos have put him in the employment of LucasFilm and Disney. As well as art work by local celebrity Terry Tincher, who is better known as an art dealer and collector to most. Established gallery artists David Acevedo, Veron Ennis, Matt Lackey and Jason McDonald will also be bringing new work to show. Jeff and Dale Ocasio, owners and artists of Ocasiocasa in downtown Fort Myers, will be showing. Local tattoo artists Kelly Rogers, owner of Gearhead tattoo in Cape Coral, and John James Sugar Donaldson, from Ancient Art Tattoo, will also be exhibiting work in the show.

Opening reception June 7th at HOWL Gallery, located across from the Edison Mall. 8-10pm or until close. Refreshments provided.

Complete list of artists included in this show:

National/Regional Artists:
Derek Hess
Skot Olsen
Seldon Hunt
Dylan Garrett Smith
Shaun Beaudry
Pale Horse
Juan Cabana
James J Peterson
Daniel Brown
Karen Watkins
N! Satterfield
James Dormer Schneider
Chet Loggins

Local Artists:
Terry Tincher
David Acevedo
Veron Ennis
Danielle Branchaud
Matt Lackey
Jason McDonald
Stephen Hayford
Mandalin Paul
Christina Penuel
Cesar Aguilera
Jeff & Dale Ocasio
Kelly Rogers
Mr Revrac
Jett Bailey
John James Sugar Donaldson
and Andy Howl

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