FAQ - Tattoos

Please read below for common questions concerning we normally get at HOWL Gallery.

Q: Do you tattoo minors?
A: No, we DO NOT tattoo minors.  Though it is legal in the state of Florida with consent, HOWL does not practice the tattooing of minors.  Please wait until you are 18 and visit us then!

Q: How much do you charge for tattoos?
A:  Tattoos start at $150 and go up depending on size and detail. Estimates are based on size and placement.  Each artist prices their work independently, you must speak with one in person to get an accurate estimate.

Q: Do you have a minimum on tattoos?
A:  see above.

Q: Do you have GUEST TATTOOERS?  
A: Yes,  please contact us if you are a tattooer interested in guesting. howlgallery (at) gmail.com

Q: How can I get my ARTWORK displayed or for sale at HOWL?
A: As of 2016 we no longer do monthly exhibits and have moved into publishing art books and featuring select artists on a yearly basis. We do have a limited amount of prints for sale, please contact us howlgallery at gmail if you wish to consign work with us. For info on our book projects visit www.howlbooks.net

Q:  Can I go swimming with a fresh tattoo?
A: We recommend waiting at least 2 weeks to swim with a new tattoo.  You can sometimes get away with swimming sooner than that, but we can not guarantee the tattoo will be unaffected.  If your tattoo scabs you should NOT swim.  Your SAFEST best is to avoid hot tubs and pools since they can be breeding grounds for bacteria.  For this reason we encourage everyone to wait at least 2 weeks to allow the skin to heal over from a recent tattoo session.

Q: How long will my tattoo take to heal?
A:  Usually your tattoo will peal like a sunburn within 7-14 days, and will be mostly healed after 3-4 weeks.  Click here to read our aftercare directions

Q: What kind of tattoo ink do you use?
A: We use only the very best ink designed for tattooing that passes strict European Union ingredient regulations.  All of the ink we use is sold as VEGAN SAFE.  USA laws on ink are virtually non-existent, which is another reason to only go to reputable tattoo shops. 

Q: Are your needles single use?
A: Both our needles and our plastic tubes/cartridges are single use and disposed of after each tattoo. They are pre-packaged and sterilized during the manufacturing process.  A medical grade autoclave is used for sterilizing everything else.  The autoclave is tested monthly by a labratory to ensure that it properly sterilizes.  Proof of sterilization is provided to anyone who requests it.  We consider ourselves on the forefront of tattooing and are constantly updating ourselves on current sterlization and health safety standards.  We are also inspected annually by the local health department, and have never failed an examination.

Q: Are your tattoo artists licensed?
A: All tattoo artists are licensed as of 2012 in the state of Florida.  

Q: Do you do touch-ups or fix-ups?
A: Yes, stop by and we can take a look at it.  If we did the tattoo, the touch-up is usually free within the first 3 months.  If someone else did the tattoo, we may or may not be able to help.


Any other questions please email us or call (239) 332-0161