Tattoo Pricing & Shop Rules



NO CHILDREN -  Kids that need supervision can not attend tattoo appointments and are not allowed in the stations.  Please make arrangements with a family member or sitter while you are at HOWL.

1 FRIEND LIMIT -  Only 1 person can accompany you in the tattoo station.  Too many friends/family in the station makes it difficult for the artist to focus and can become an issue for you and other tattoo artists working around you.

HEADPHONES - Headphones are always required if you are playing media on your portable device.  Please be respectful of the work environment at HOWL!


Minimum for Tattoos*.................$75
Minimum for Hands, Lip and Feet Tattoos...... $100

*Shop minimum does not apply to special offers or tattoo events.

Price Quotes

We DO NOT give price quotes online or over the phone, you must have a consult or stop by to speak to a tattoo artist in person.  There are too many factors to give an accurate price quote without a more in depth discussion about your tattoo.  Please call to make a consultation with an artist or speak to a front end staff member (239) 332-0161.

How we price tattoos

Tattoos are priced by the piece.  Pricing depends on how long the artist thinks it will take to complete the tattoo. Larger tattoos such as sleeves and back pieces are typically priced per sitting.  Each artist is different, so please review portfolios before asking for a price quote.  If you need to stay within a set budget please let us know and we will accomodate you as best we can with your tattoo idea.   Remember quality is more important than finding a deal and getting stuck with a permanent addition you are not happy with.   PORTFOLIO SHOP!  DON'T PRICE SHOP! 


HOWL requires a $50 non-refundable deposit for all NEW clients.   If you are a current client (in good standing) a deposit is NOT required.    If you fail to show up for your appointment without 24 hours notice your deposit is forfeit and a new deposit is required.    Tattoo artists depend on responsible clients in order to make a living, If you are unsure of money or time please refrain from making an appointment or speak to an artist.

Custom Tattoo Designs (Original Tattoo Art)

HOWL is a custom tattoo shop.  We do not charge for original tattoo designs.   You can tip your artist for the hard work making your original design, but it is not required.   In extreme cases,  If your artist is making many revisions for you, they may need to charge a drawing fee, at their discretion, based on time demands.  

Original tattoos vs copying: We do all original designs at HOWL or flash designs created by tattoo artists specifically to be replicated for tattooing.  We do NOT copy other tattoos on people that you may find photos of online.  We will make you a unique design based on images that you like, but will not copy another persons tattoo directly.   Please be respectful and creative when thinking of your tattoo idea.